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Native Drums

 NAFFA Wellness understands that everyone's path to recovery is unique and offers both a 12 and 24 - week  Intensive Out patient program ensuring participants have enough time to support their recovery and sobriety. NAFFA Wellness provides an intensive but not invasive outpatient recovery program. Supporting clients in their education to stay sober while having time to work, take care of family, and support any obligations with a three hour program Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

NAFFA Wellness recognizes the importance and stress of family life and its impact on recovery and sobriety. Therefore, NAFFA Wellness offers a family-focused program that combines: positive parenting, anger management and healthy relationship life skill development that is trauma-informed and culturally rich along with addiction recovery and sobriety programming. NAFFA Wellness offers a daily program that meets every weekday, Monday through Friday, to establish and foster consistency and continued stabilization. NAFFA Wellness combines, individual therapy, group therapy, educational groups, and additional support resources.

There is an immediate need to bring Native Americans back to their innate leadership abilities and understanding of the sacredness of families and their role as fathers & mothers established by their forefathers.

Family is the most important institution of which any strong society is built upon.  NAFFA Wellness is one of the first programs of its kind to teach clients how to change, solve their problems, overcome addictions and become leaders in their families through three central pillars founded on sound Native principles.

NAFFA Wellness Intensive Outpatient Program

Pillar 1: Self Worth

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Strong self worth is the foundation of our ability to believe in ourselves.  Every single person has value and worth, you are precious.  All important decisions have direct correlation to self worth.


  It is important to understand how parents greatly influence their children's lives, both the positive and negative influences are vital in forming self worth.  When parents have a strong sense of self worth, they are motivated to teach their children how valuable they are to their family and society.

Pillar 2: Personal Identity

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Personal Identity  is  the perception we have developed about ourselves over the course of our life.  This includes things we can and cannot control such as: lifestyle, culture, family, skin color, gender or body image.  The only way for you to sort your way through all perceptions comes only through and by truth.

You are the only one who can find your personal identity.  It is up to you to shape the person you want to become by choosing the people you identify and associate with.  One of the most important missions of life is to find your true, personal identity.

Pillar 3: Purpose

Purpose brings direction, discipline, motivation and meaning.  When you have and know your purpose, you are more determined to solve problems to reach your goals.  Remembering your purpose gives you momentum to continue forward in difficult times.

Individual purpose can be lightened or darkened by those you choose to be with. Helping your loved ones and community see the central purpose will be a unifying experience as you work through fun and challenging times together.

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