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The Native American Fatherhood & Families association  Outpatient program seeks to rehabilitate those of whom are "unfamiliar with a good life."  -Albert Pooley

This rehabilitation program's intention is to help adults and youth realize their own self worth & work towards becoming a valuable member to society - and most importantly their family.

The family is the most important unit - not only in society, but in the culture of Native Americans.  As Mothers and Fathers learn how precious they are, they will rise to the role of loving each other and their children.

Meet our Founder:

Meet the Team

 Al Pooley


Al Poole.Amazon(1).png Albert M. Pooley

Albert M. Pooley is the founder of NAFFA Wellness and his curriculum is used both in the Wellness program and to train facilitators nationwide. 


He was born to the Hopi and Navajo Native American cultures. He grew up close to both cultures on the reservation where the love of a father taught him outstanding life lessons. He holds a Masters of Social Work (MSW) and Masters of  Public Administration (MPA). Mr. Pooley has extensive experience as a marriage and family counselor.

He appreciates the role of being a father and he finds joy in teaching principles that are relevant to his Native American culture.

Sherri Hicks

Executive Clinical Director

Sherri is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who began her career at The Meadows and Rosewood Ranch.  Sherri is a published author and speaker for several conferences.  Sherri is an established clinical director in the Phoenix area.  When not working she is elk watching from her home in Payson, AZ. 

Sherri Pic.JPG LCSW

Our team is dedicated to health and transformation of our participants

They ensure and safe, non-judgmental and welcoming environment for everyone. 

Join our team

Interested in working at NAFFA Wellness? Check out our current openings below!

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