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The Native American Fatherhood & Families association  Outpatient program seeks to rehabilitate those of whom are "unfamiliar with a good life."  -Albert Pooley

This rehabilitation program's intention is to help adults and youth realize their own self worth & work towards becoming a valuable member to society - and most importantly their family.

The family is the most important unit - not only in society, but in the culture of Native Americans.  As Mothers and Fathers learn how precious they are, they will rise to the role of loving each other and their children.

Meet our Founder:

Meet the Team

 Al Pooley


Al Poole.Amazon(1).png Albert M. Pooley

Albert M. Pooley is the founder of NAFFA Wellness and his curriculum is used both in the Wellness program and to train facilitators nationwide. 


He was born to the Hopi and Navajo Native American cultures. He grew up close to both cultures on the reservation where the love of a father taught him outstanding life lessons. He holds a Masters of Social Work (MSW) and Masters of  Public Administration (MPA). Mr. Pooley has extensive experience as a marriage and family counselor.

He appreciates the role of being a father and he finds joy in teaching principles that are relevant to his Native American culture.


Our team is dedicated to health and transformation of our participants

They ensure and safe, non-judgmental and welcoming environment for everyone. 

Jeri Long.JPG
Sharna Horn.jpg

            Jeri Long: Partnership Manager

Jeri  is a Diné woman born and raised in Gallup, NM. Jeri identifies as a Navajo Woman. At the age of 19, Jeri joined the US Army as a generator/UAU mechanic. She honorably discharged from the army after 10 years of service and a tour to Iraq. Jeri has her own extensive background with addiction, and she celebrated 8 years of recovery from alcohol in December 2023. Jeri dedicated her life to serving her country, her people, and veterans. She started working in the Behavioral Health and Addiction field in 2020 as a peer support technician, case manager, trauma therapist and head of admissions, marketing Director of Admissions, and now for NAFFA Wellness, Partnership Manger.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from the University of Arizona and 2 Associate Degrees from Cochise College. Her life goal is to help as many people find their way to long-term recovery. Jeri helps provide that new hope and meaning through the long road of recovery.


Neil Tift: Outreach Coordinator/ Program Facilitator

Neil has worked with fathers for the past 30 years in Minnesota, Maryland and now Arizona. He is a parent educator, family mediator, university instructor, game maker, staff trainer and overweight jogger. Neil is the proud father of three, grandfather of twelve and foster father of many.

Sharna Horn: Therapist

Sharna  was raised in Calabasas California and the beach has always been a source of healing for her. Her parents were raised by immigrants and as such, her work ethic is her strongest quality. Her passion outside of work is any sport she may be in and at this time, she plays 5x5 non-contact flag football. Sharna reports that her best friend is her ESA (Emotional Support Animal) named Karma who is a little over 2 years old.

She moved to Arizona in 2018 and has been in the counseling field for almost 16 years. She has worked with clients birth to geriatrics and her specializations have helped her reach diverse populations with their varying needs. Sharna is a US Army Veteran with specializations in eating disorders, LGBTQ individuals, mood disorders, and other areas such as trauma she has developed.

Over the last two years she has done extensive advocacy for the Native American population in an effort to stop human trafficking and body brokering. She believes that her learning is a life long process and that is what makes this field so much fun for her!

Melody Billy_edited.jpg

Malcolm Redhair:                                    Peer Support Specialist  

Malcolm is part of the Navajo Nation, being born and raised in Window Rock Arizona. He is a father, son, brother, indigenous warrior in recovery and considers himself a student of life in learning, healing and growing with a strong work ethic. He is a team player with experience in working in the recovery field and has a strong passion to let others know that recovery is possible and that there is a better way of life besides alcohol and drugs. He fell in love with Native American Fatherhood and Families Association's curriculum and applies it to his life every day.

Melody Billy:                         Wellness Coordinator


Melody is trained as a nurse and researcher and has a BS in Medical Studies as well as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  Born and raised in a close-knit indigenous community, Melody developed a deep appreciation for her people's traditions, culture, and holistic approach to health and wellness. She has always believed that learning from traditional healers, elders, and community leaders, that blending their wisdom with modern medical knowledge is important.                                                           

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